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What is a skin serum? It's a powerful, targeted treatments that formulated to help with a specific skin concerns such as line and wrinkles, pores, dryness, uneven skin tone, redness and more. Plus, they're infused with high-performance ingredients. Explore some of our Estée Lauder face serums to find the ones that are best for your routine. Shop our serums for anti-aging, our brightening serum with Vitamin C, and our serum for sensitive skin that targets redness and irritation. Need a night serum? Stock up on our best-selling Advanced Night Repair Serum.Whatever your skin concern, we've got a serum for you. Need help completing your regimen? Take our quick quiz and Find the perfect skincare routine for your skin type and concerns. Or, use our Virtual Skin Analysis. Our advanced technology can analyze your skin in real time to recommend which formulas suit your needs.


What is a face serum or repair serum?

A face serum is a lightweight, water or oil-based skincare product that’s formulated to provide targeted benefits for skin.

What are the benefits of a face serum?

Skin serums quickly penetrate deep within skin’s surface and contain specific targeted ingredients that can help you meet your skincare goals. These highly concentrated, powerful ingredients can include Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, Peptides and more that can help hydrate, brighten, lift, smooth, strengthen or even skin texture and tone.

When should you apply face serum?

Experts recommend starting your skincare routine with a cleanser and treatment lotion or toner, then layering your serum and moisturiser in that order.

Can face serum be used daily?

Face serums can be used daily—and most formulas can be used day and night to achieve optimal benefits. However, we recommend reading the directions on the bottle before use to determine how often it should be incorporated into your routine.

What are the different Estée Lauder serums?

Our high-performance Estée Lauder serums are formulated to meet varying skincare goals:

  • Advanced Night Repair Serum: Our best-selling, multi-tasking serum with the benefits of 7 serums in 7—line reduction, firmness, even skin tone, strengthening, hydration, radiance and anti-oxidants.
  • Targeted Sensitivity Formula: Advanced Night Repair Rescue Solution with 15% Bifidus Ferment reduces the look of redness and red post-acne marks. Helps prevent future redness from developing. Leaves skin feeling calm, hydrated and supple. Our targeted treatment for sensitive skin.
  • Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Brilliance Serum: Inspired by longevity science. This luxury skin serum features youth-sustaining technology and helps fortify skin for a firmer feel, and more visibly even skin tone with radiance.

What is the best Estée Lauder night serum?

Our night serum, Advanced Night Repair Serum, is our best-seller for a reason. This serum provides powerful nighttime renewal, reducing the look of multiple signs of aging while you sleep. It’s the perfect addition to any nighttime skincare routine.

What is the best Estée Lauder anti-aging serum?

All Estée Lauder serums contain powerful anti-aging benefits. Need help deciding on the best anti-aging serum for you? Chat Live with an Estée Expert to learn which ones are best for your routine and skincare needs.

What is the best-selling Estée Lauder serum to hydrate dry skin?

Our best-selling Advanced Night Repair Serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to help you achieve 72-hour hydration. Follow with a moisturiser to lock in maximum hydration.