Find the expert cleanser and toner right for you. Estée Lauder’s gentle yet effective face cleansers, face wash, cleansing oil, cleansing balm and face toner for every skin type are just what you need to purify, refine and refresh. The best facial cleanser is the important first step in your daily skincare regimen. After cleansing, choose a toner or treatment lotion to help optimise the benefits of your face wash or cleansing oil. Need an extra boost? Follow your cleanser and toner with a supercharged mask or exfoliator to renew and brighten skin, unclog pores, deeply hydrate or help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Next, try a powerful serum or targeted treatment and high-performance moisturiser. Finish with eye care as the final step.

Daily Skincare Regimen

Beautiful skin starts here. All you need are a few
high-performance formulas targeted to your skin’s specific needs.