In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are proud to embrace
and express the beauty in diversity. Beauty In Me celebrates the unique beauty in every person.

This year, “Beauty In Me” is excited to include the stories and representation of Asian American culture.
Hear from pianist Chloe Flower and our passionate Estée team as collectively they share diverse cultural points
of view on self-love, representation, celebration, and vision. Our mission is to bring the best to everything we touch, and
to support talent who are committed to advancing the needs of people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.


Chloe Flower

Classical Pianist and Composer

As an accomplished pianist, composer and
producer, Chloe bridges the gap between
classical and pop music while embracing her
inner beauty and celebrating her Asian
American heritage.

Bara K.

Field Executive, Estée Lauder

Having immigrated to the USA as a child,
Bara honors her Korean heritage and
believes in evolving the beauty conversation
to celebrate the unique features that
each woman is born with. She is driven to
go after her goals by her favorite quote,
“Everything you ever wanted is sitting on
the other side of fear.”


Van P.

Field Executive,
Estée Lauder and AERIN Beauty

Growing up admiring her mother’s special
beauty rituals, Van was inspired to pursue her
passion for cosmetics. She has learned to honor
the beauty of her Vietnamese culture by
embracing her unique Southeast Asian features
and encouraging other Asian American women
to fulfill their dreams.

Sheree O.

Senior Designer, Visual Merchandising,
Estée Lauder and AERIN Beauty

A first-generation Filipino American with a passion
for all things creative, Sheree is a senior designer for
visual merchandising. She takes pride in being able
to design inclusive merchandising units that display the
full breadth of colors and tones to help women find
their perfect shade while feeling represented.


Hannah H.

Field Director, Estée Lauder

Born in Minnesota and raised in California,
Hannah is American Chinese, a self-described
foodie, and a true travel enthusiast. She
celebrates her heritage by incorporating family
traditions in her day-to-day and strives to
empower women to embrace their
individual beauty expression.


Yvette M.

Field Executive, Estée Lauder

An artist and creative at heart, Yvette was born
and raised by her loving family as a first-generation
Filipino American in Los Angeles. She is proud
to celebrate diverse Asian beauty and the
ongoing movement for representation of her
community in media.

A More Beautiful Future


Our global community’s health and
safety is paramount.


We strive to meet the needs of women of all ages,
ethnicities, and backgrounds.