World of Aerin: Beauty

Creating A Fragrance

I worked closely with some wonderful perfumers to perfect the composition of each scent in the
AERIN collection. It’s a fascinating process that feels very intuitive to me—I suppose fragrance
is in my DNA.

I love to describe to people what each scent means to me, from memories to the changing seasons,
but I think the notes provided by each of the perfumers are so engaging that I wanted to share
them with you.

Gardenia Rattan
Perfumer: Pierre Negrin
“I sought out the warmth of white florals floating in air to meet
the cool spray of the sea.”

Amber Musk
Perfumer: Honorine Blanc
“Like an illustrator, I wanted to sketch out a fluid line of modern sensuality into a
golden, warm Musk.”

Lilac Path
Perfumer: Richard Herpin
“I wished to explore that edge in lilacs between fragility and intensity, where
delicate strength blossoms.”
Ikat Jasmine
Perfumer: Honorine Blanc
“I find Jasmine’s small, unassuming petals to be endlessly captivating as they are
able to express such incredible radiance.”

Iris Meadow
Perfumer: Dora Baghriche
“From flower to root, Iris can be explosively fresh and then whisper
its soft elegance.”

Waterlily Sun
Perfumer: Annie Buzantian
“I wanted to feel that rush of life that comes from reaching complete
harmony with nature.”

Evening Rose
Perfumer: Honorine Blanc
“I wished to pay homage to the everlasting mysteries and depth
of the Bulgarian Rose.”
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