The Dolls: Caitlin Moe, left, and Mia Moretti, right. Photo by Therese + Joel.
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Musical Musings
With The Dolls

Even in the increasingly saturated professional DJ market, it’s easy to differentiate The Dolls from their competition: after all, it’s not every team of turntable wizards that also features an electric violinist as part of its live act.  That would be Caitlin Moe, a classically trained musician who teamed up with Mia Moretti, a long-standing DJ in both L.A. and New York, to form The Dolls five years ago.

A favorite with the fashion crowd (the pretty, platinum-haired duo are front-row fixtures on the runways of New York and Paris), Moretti and Moe have transcended their style-star beginnings to open for music legends like Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder, tour with Eve and perform their own original songs and mixes for the Liaisons au Louvre charity gala in Paris last summer, as well as the annual Save Venice event in New York this Spring. Last September, with Manhattan’s Guggenheim Museum as their stage, The Dolls provided the soundtrack for Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse launch party, which they've edited into a muse-worthy playlist for your listening pleasure below. Commence dancing at will.