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Street Snaps

Estée Lauder spokesmodel Liu Wen on her favorite street style
moments—and the beauty looks that go with them.

In addition to walking the runway for some of the fashion industry’s most influential designers, Estée Lauder spokesmodel Liu Wen has has earned super status on a different kind of catwalk as well: the side walk. Whether she’s dashing in between fashion shows, or spending time with her family in China, Wen’s off-duty style is regularly snapped on the street, making her an icon for distinctive, easy pieces with subtle embellished accents. Here, the Yongzhou-born beauty reveals the keys to her sartorial success for any season, and any city—as well as the skincare and makeup must-haves that complete every look.

Beijing, China

“Spring is arriving in Beijing soon, and the air will become drier than usual. A menswear blazer shields me from any kind of breeze, and adding a pair of DIY frayed jeans makes the look casual. I usually finish things off with a pair of black-and-white loafers, a small blue bag for color, and a good amount of DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme to keep my skin moisturized while I enjoy the pleasant sun!”

Shenzhen, China

“In the summer, the temperature in Shenzhen, China is quite high, with thick humidity in the air that’s almost suffocating! My style in this kind of weather usually involves distressed, ripped denim so my knees can feel the air. If you pair that with a silk blouse and comfortable sneakers, voila; your skin can breathe. With this look, I’ll usually fill in my brows, apply a little BB creme, and a small amount of black eyeliner, which adds a feminine flair to a tomboy look.”

Paris, France

“This picture was taken in Autumn in Paris, which is a very busy time for me since I’m usually rushing from one runway show to the next. But after my last job of the day, I quickly transform back into myself. Flats are a must during all the craziness, paired with a white t-shirt plus skinny jeans. A long coat and an orange purse will add some drama, and once I’ve used Estée Lauder’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to take off all of my makeup—and applied my Advanced Night Repair to lock in moisture—I can finally relax and enjoy the city.”

London, England

“This photo of me in London was taken during the winter, when the city seems like a child’s mood— always changing, and unexpectedly going from rain, to sun, to snow! A brimmed hat is a must on days like this, because it can prepare you for anything. If the wind is quite strong, I’ll either wear a loose turtleneck sweater, or I’ll add a scarf to stay warm. A light touch of blush, some eyebrow pencil, and a brighter hue of lipstick help create a casual look for afternoon tea.”

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