Beauty: Insider Tips

Insider Tips:
Mai Quynh

The celebrity makeup artist talks red carpet
rules with real life applications.


Make Sure To Match
Your Face To Your Body

“I’m a huge fan of making sure the face is the same color as the body. I hate seeing a light face with tan arms! If you’re wearing something strapless, make sure to bring your foundation down to your neck and onto your décolletage so it looks more fluid. If you have a little redness on the back of your arms, add a couple pumps of foundation to your body lotion and blend.”


When Applying Lashes, Look Down

“We’re back to that 50s/60s-era moment when women were wearing strip lashes, which is amazing because it means women are taking the time to focus on themselves. When you are putting on full strip lashes and you’re looking at the mirror straight on, your instinct is to lay the lash on your natural lash line. But as soon as you come in, you blink. Instead, put a mirror on a counter top and look down when you’re applying your lashes, so you’re not coming at your eye straight on.”


Pack Accordingly

“Whenever I do a red carpet look, I always make a little mini kit for my clients to take with them for touch ups so they feel complete. This is great for any evening look because even though your makeup should last, you might need a touch up. Pack your bag or clutch with a little concealer, a puff with powder, a lipstick, and a mini eyeliner. If you can’t find a mini liner, break a full size pencil in half!”

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