Inspiration: Conversations with Aerin

Personal Touches

Our Style and Image Director and the Founder
and Creative Director of AERIN talks about the
power of personalization.

“When I first got married I monogrammed everything. I prefer more traditional three-initial monograms, rather than a full name, and adding my initials to everything from match boxes to sheets gave them a wonderful unique touch.

It’s a really nice way to personalize your belongings.

But too much can be too much, so while I’ll do an L.L. Bean Bag or towels, I typically won’t monogram my clothes. It’s also a nice idea to use dates, places, or messages, too. For my 30th birthday, my parents gave me a silver, monogrammed “happy birthday” tray and I use it in my dressing room everyday. It is one of my most favorite gifts that I’ve ever received. At AERIN, we had someone to monogram our home items and I think we’re going to start doing it more because it was a big hit. It’s a really nice way to personalize your belongings.”

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